Saturday, September 29, 2012

Comparing iPhone 5 with Samsung Galaxy S III

Smartphone iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III is often compared. Galaxy S III represent the stronghold of Android and iPhone iOS 5 representing Apple.

Galaxy S III with a high-definition big screen, quad-core processor and a 2100 mAh battery is rated as a top-tier Android. While the iPhone 5 has been named as the best iPhone so far.

How detailed comparison between the two? Here are the specifications of the iPhone 5 when it competed with the Galaxy S III was quoted as saying "Blog Computer" from Gizmag (09/28/2012).

1. Size
Galaxy S III carries a large enough size. Only 8.6 mm thick, thinner than the iPhone before the iPhone 5 generation. This handset is also taller and wider than the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 is the first handset that Apple changed the design after two years. iPhone 5 is longer than the iPhone 4S, but the same width. This smart phone also includes one of the thinnest in the world with only 7.6 mm thick.

Many of the reviews stated the iPhone 5 very lightly. It weighs just 112 grams, this phone includes the lightest. Aluminum material used is less than the weight of glass materials on the iPhone 4/4S.

Galaxy S III is heavier, 133 grams. But not too heavy in the hands of the user.

2. Screen
iPhone 5 is Apple's first changes made since 2007 in terms of screen size. From the previous 3.5 inch to 4 inch. While the resolution is 1136x640 pixels.

The Samsung Galaxy S III relies 4.8 inch screen resolution of 1280x720 pixels. Most extensive than the previous Galaxy S series. Perhaps users rather difficult to hold with one hand, but offer a better multimedia experience.

Which screen is best? Although the resolution is higher, it did not automatically make S III is superior. At least according to DisplayMate above assessment, the screen of the iPhone 5 as a whole better.

3. CPU
Apple A6 processor is a mendayai iPhone 5. Speed ​​was not clearly disclosed by Apple. Initially, some parties expressed A6 1.02 GHz speed. However, a recent study says that speed 1.3 GHz.

S III itself has two versions of the processor. For the United States and some other countries, they use a dual core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4. While in the global market, Samsung Exynos processor used 4 Quad Core 1.4 GHz.

In a variety of benchmark measurements, the iPhone 5 and S III chasing. Apparently, the ability of A6 in the iPhone 5 should not be underestimated even though detailed specifications hidden by Apple.

4. RAM and Storage
Sector of RAM in the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III is balanced, that is 1GB. But in some markets, S III is sold with 2GB of RAM. As in the United States and Canada.

Both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III has 3 versions of storage, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Special S III, the new 64GB version will be launched. S III also has advantages because it has a memory card slot, while the iPhone 5 is not.

5. Connectivity and battery
It has been about a year a few Android phones have 4G LTE connectivity. Apple has given the iPhone 5. S III as its predecessor, the Galaxy S II, also has LTE connectivity.

The battery in the iPhone 5 powered 1440 mAh. S III higher capacity, 2,100 mAh. Apple claimed the battery in the iPhone 5 could reach 8 hours, even when used in LTE networks.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. you can share status updates from your home screen, explore your news feed, scrutinize your friends. Facebook for Android is one amongst the additional well-liked Facebook shoppers obtainable for the HTC Hero. Some may contemplate it a shade less impressive than Bloo, however the latter remains in beta and has you jump through some hoops before you can get it to run. Facebook for Android version 1.6 is alleged to bring improvements to the News Feed (including comment liking), Pages, video uploads, and numerous other bug fixes. Interested users who want to urge in on the beta take a look at can fill out the signup kind .

Facebook for Android v1.5, the most recent version of the Facebook mobile app for Google’s platform, is now obtainable within the Android Marketplace. It adds Chat and push notifications, two features sorely lacking from previous releases and heavily requested by users. Facebook for Android displays events in an exceedingly vertical timeline, allowing you to examine terribly clearly precisely what's springing up. Facebook for Android makes it easy to stay connected with friends. you can share status updates from your home screen, explore your news feed, scrutinize your friends’ walls and user info.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Join Contest SEO

Let me say something in Indonesian.

Aku selama ini belajar tentang SEO untuk membuat web-ku menjadi nomor satu di urutan mesin pencari, baik itu Google, Yahoo, MSN atau mesin pencari lainnya.

Setelah belajar beberapa lama, kini aku ingin membuktikan pelajaran itu dalam 'pertarungan' yang sesungguhnya dengan mengikuti kontes SEO bertajuk Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009.

Bukan karena khawatir tidak menang atau karena alasan lain yang membuatku mengikutsertakan tiga web yang terdiri dari domain utamaku di, sub domainnya di, dan sub folder di

Selain untuk berpartisipasi dalam ajang kontes SEO ini, aku juga ingin turut dalam menyukseskan program Kampanye Damai Pemilu di Indonesia, seperti yang kutuliskan dalam web-ku aku menulis tentang pelaksanaan kampanye damai di web utamaku.

Sedangkan di subdomainku banyak bercerita tentang pernak-pernik seputar pemilu yang aku saksikan dalam keseharian.

Web yang ketiga, lebih banyak aku isi tentang kegiatanku saat mengikuti persiapan Pemilu di Gedung Komisi Pemilihan Umum.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Are your Computer is Save?

I was most annoyed if my property computer experienced the disturbance. Because that could hinder my work. The disturbance to the computer only was not caused by damage or the technical fault to hardware and software. The virus and Spyware were the disturbance to the computer that was caused by the external side with the heterogenous aim like to steal our data, damaging hardware we, removed file, eliminated the certain function, took over the control over our computer et cetera.

The virus and spyware the computer could attack our computer was good that often online and that had not been online to the internet even. The computer that was connected with flashdisk then could tertular the virus from software that diinstall if not carefully.

How him so that our computer could be safe from the viruses? That was first, carried out the prevention with:

1. Install Security Software that was newest

Try to installing 3 kinds software the main security and was installed with setting that was automatic pacified our computer without must be stirred up before. They were anti the virus to ward off the virus, anti spyware to ward off spyware, and firewall to ward off as well as block the attack hacker as well as the connection from outside. To that the free and high-quality version good we could use AVG Antivirus to anti the virus, Ad-Aware to anti spyware and the Alarm zone for the program firewall. Ascertain all software this terupdate with definition and patch newest that reduced the virus opportunity and spyware the variant just carried out the infection in the our computer.

2. Be careful to Attachment Email

Don't had been opened file attachment in the email that you received although from the person who was known by you if attachment this contained file the program with extension or the suffix .exe, .pif, .bat, et cetera. Read thoroughly the email that was sent, the style of the email be the same as that normally is sent. Occasionally the email that we received came from the Local person, but used English, Russia, China, et cetera in his email.

3. Be careful to intalling new software

Be careful against software that you install, good that was bought by you from cd hardened in shops cd, from download in the internet, from the friend, et cetera. The virus and spyware could hid in the program that you rose without being realised by you. Make accustomed to back up all file important you periodically in flash drive, cd or dvd so that when your fatal matter happening will not lose your data.

4. Supervise the other person who used your computer

If your computer was used by the other person, confirmed he did not do matters that could damage your computer. You could make the account special for the guest with certain limitations that you could setting personally. Someone that possibly not you guessed could menginstall the program, mencolokkan usb or put the diskette that contained the virus or spyware. Moreover could put on with sengagja software the spy for them all of your activities and password that normally is used by you.

5. Always was on the alert

If at one time you felt that there is something that did not freeze to your computer, immediately broke and cavbut continuation to the internet connection or the network network other. Afterwards undertook anti the virus, anti spyware and the cheque firewall whether going well and should. If you got the question to menginstall software from the unclear site, ignored. Follow the development update patch or tambalan the security hole in every time software that was installed and got access the internet in the program firewall you.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wanna Save Your Notebook?

I just reading article about saving our notebook from theft. There is two way for saving your notebook.

First, Prevention. In this section we must know that's our notebook theft protection plan should first concentrate on preventing uanauthorized acces to our sensitive or critical data.

We must awareness of who is around us and what they are doing.

Two, Recovery. In this section we must know even with the most stringent measures to preven theft of our notebook, it can still accour.

A good way to make sure your notebook is recovered is to have a built in tracking device for the computer so that anytime the thief or finder uses it to access the internet.

We must record of the IP location is registered.

I read this article from and want to share it with you all. I hope this article usefull.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Before this day, I thinks I've never been using article from free article on my blog. But, many people says using free article is a good things to buzz your traffic with a good content.

I still not believed. I still thinking that original content is a king.

Are you wondering like what the article on free article. Here is I copy one from many free article, so you can get point what different between original content and copy content from free article.

Having a secured system is very important in this era of spyware and adware. If you are in the habit of regular browsing of internet you might have come across spyware and adware. Hence it is very important to use a spyware removal tool in your computer. Now days many such tools are available. Spyware removal and Spyware blaster are the same kind.

Malware are of several types and one among the most important are the Trojans and they enter into the system and you will never be aware of this fact. The spyware makes you believe that it is not harmful to your system and then it makes serious attacks to damage the entire computer program as a whole.

A sophisticated spyware removal tool like spyware blaster can safeguard your system from adware or spyware. Once spyware blaster is installed you can be confident that you have secured your PC against likely disasters. Spyware removal tools like spyware blaster are essential if you are a regular internet user.

There are many websites from where spyware programs like spyware blaster can be downloaded. Downloading is free most of the time. Sometimes it will be demo versions which would be time restricted or without having all the features. It is advisable to contact some well-known software seller and install this program in your computer.

Downloading the software is not a tough task these days as you can easily depend on the internet for accomplishing these tasks. Many cases results in such a way that the downloading process is absolutely free of cost. In many cases, it happens that the downloaded version does not do well or get problems in between. Therefore, it is highly advised by experts to depend on a reputable software vendor before indulging in the process.

Spyware blaster is equipped with sophisticated features. For example, it controls the dangerous action of some websites on your PC. Spyware blaster does not run in the background and slowdown your system as is the case with other spyware removal programs. Keep in mind that spyware removal and spyware blaster go together as a frequent computer user you should secure your PC with this program.

Once triggered it is very difficult to remove spyware Trojan from your system. Use the Add/Remove Programs utility to uninstall and remove spyware Trojan. Still hidden files may make them reappear when you reboot your system. So it is always better to download or purchase trusted and effective anti spyware software that will not only detect but also remove them. There are many free internet websites which provide downloads for spyware Trojan removal. New malware are constantly emerging. Considering the amount of harm that a virus or worm can do not only to your computer but also to your finances and personal life, it will be worth it to firewall your system. Your system security should be of utmost concern. Remember to keep your firewall updated and turned on always. Prevention is always better than cure.

Spyware removal tools like Spyware blaster are handy to keep you system safe.

About the Author

At, we are proud to have Isaiah Henry as an expert on how to remove spyware software or without any software. You can visit us on how to remove spyware and adware for detail info.

So, whatever you opinion, just share with me. I'm waiting your comment.

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